1. Diverse Destinations.

Are you confused about where to go and what to do during your holidays? Are you bored with fancy beach activities? Then head to Nepal and join Himalayan Adventure Sports for your mighty mountainous, spiritual and historical-religious-architecture holiday.We make your holiday difference, we take you to the monasteries where we put you in live spiritual session performed by holy Buddhist monks and we take you to the temple where you can see open cremation of dead bodies. You can meet up with those holly men who have given up all their material affairs and who are making sure their journey of final liberation. We take you to the sights where you see thousands of years old temples carrying different histories and unique Asian pagoda architecture with amazing wooden crafts.

What if you don’t know what you really want to do most? Can you really have it all? If you can’t decide and want a mix of everything then Nepal may well just be the perfect holiday destination for you.

2. Lose yourself in the Nature.

Join our Kathmandu Pokhara Chtwan Tour for example with us to explore many things with a single trip. Since Chitwan National park has become prime destination of Eco-tourism, it houses a vast collection of rare and fascinating Bengal tigers and one horned rhinoceros. Apart from one horned rhinos and Bengal tigers, Nepal Chitwan National park accommodates more than 543 species of birds. Many of them are rarely found elsewhere in the world.

Similarly, in the mountains and lakes city of Pokhara you have different options to choose. For example, you have wonderful Mountain View point from Sarangkot, boating on fewa lake, visiting caves and hiking to world Peace Stupa. On top of all these, Pokhara is the right place to start many short and long treks from 1 day to weeks.

3. Ascend into Different Treks.

Nepal does not have only the roof of the world 8848 Mt. Everest but we also have all 8 peaks above 8000 meters out of 14 in the world. We have hundreds of known peaks and thousands of hill stations, passes and peaks known and unknown. We still have many areas which are not yet explored. You are welcome if you are the one to explore to the place where others have never been. Nepal is one of top ten trekking destinations in the world and we have verities of known and unknown treks. So you just give us your desire, time frame and budget we just make it happen.

4. Brush up on the local history and spirituality.

Nepal has dignified history of not being colonized ever, being right next to India where was British Raj rule for years. Then we do have unique kind of history. Only in Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal it has 7 heritage sites. They carry fantastic history, unique architecture and blending religion between Buddhism and Hinduism.

Nepal is also the place for practicing spiritualism and digging down into shamanism by meeting well established shamans mastering over trantrism. Yoga, meditation and healing are other branches where you can involve coming out of several stresses and unknown diseases which have been stored inside you due to modern life style.

For all these, you need to write us at [email protected] and need to give us your arrival date in advance to manage your interests.

5. Company’s Core Ideology.

Serve the Client.

Himalayan Adventure Sports is committed to our clients; we are committed to helping them achieve their goals, their dreams, by partnering with them on their dream trips. Our Company strives to understand the needs of each so that we can serve them better.

Support the Employee .

Himalayan Adventure Sports is committed to our employees; we are committed to providing them with opportunities for personal and professional growth while working in a family friendly environment. A company succeeds only if its employees succeed; personally and professionally.

Strengthen the Community .

Himalayan Adventure Sports is committed to allocate 10% of our profit to support the education for the students of poor, deprived and back warded class of Nepal. On top of our regular help to those communities, we involve to help as much as we can in whatever kind of natural calamities. For that we have organization called Sangsangai (Together us) Foundation)

Our Core Purpose.

Provide our Employees with a Rewarding Professional Experience.
What one finds to be a rewarding professional experience is going to be different for every employee and the experiences they find to be rewarding are going to change as they grow within their profession. Himalayan Adventure Sports’s goal is to facilitate our employee’s pursuit of the professional experiences they find rewarding.

6. Instant Help.

Himalayan Adventure Sports is committed to be very flexible in order to address the need and interests of our valued clients. For example, you are in the middle of your trip and instead of following the original itinerary you want to make some changes and you are allowed to do that and action will be instantly taken by our staff who is with you. Help to cancel your bookings done with us are hassle free. Emergency evacuation if needed while on trip due to any reasons are instantly executed. So, feel safe to book trips with us and travel responsibly.