Tips for travelling with children to Everest Region
Tips for travelling with children to Everest Region

Tips for travelling with children to Everest Region.When you are travelling with your children specially for your trekking, hiking and other kind of Nepal tours   you have to do such.

Book ahead -for family trek-hiking-tours  : Booking your trip ahead of your arrival to your destination helps and reliefs a lot for your holidays. It can rather save your money and time as well.  If you are doing your family trip such as family Trek with your children. And if you want to do it all on your own without taking any help from travel agents. Then that is not gonna make your trip easy for you. Because taking kids with is like a taking herd of goats whether they are yours or others.  So, let trekking company who are expert in arranging your family trips to work on your holiday with your kids.Tours we offer are suitable for families. Kathmandu Pokhara Tour is the best Nepal tour  and our other tours in Nepal are very professionally designed.

Use private transport – Tips for travelling with children to Everest Region.

In Nepal, they don’t have metro trains and local transportation is not as good as yours. We have tourist bus services but only to the limited areas. Hire a private car, van or jeep according to where you go and how many members you are in your family. Private transportation is good and finally gonna cost like using local transportation. So, this means that using private transportation is not expensive but always safe and easy.

Don’t forget the medicine – Tips for travelling with children to Everest Region.

One of very important things while travelling with kids for your holidays is not to forget to pack up medicines with you from your town. Kids always seem to get ill on holidays and it is our responsible to suggest you to pack up medicines as we see similar problems while organizing family trips. So, these are the basic things to remember while you are on Family Treks in Nepal

On top of 3 suggestions above,  provided for Everest region family trek I am sharing about Everest View Family Trek here below. We have done this trek in Everest trekking region

Trekking to Everest region does not mean you  have to do – 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek or Everest Base Camp with Gokyo Ri and Chhukung RI. These are of course strenuous grades.  But things are different when  you are followed by your family, your kids or your children. You have thought about doing this adventurous Trek since years and could not happen because you have family. Can’t travel own your own. Yes it is so when you have family.

As I experienced.

I had the same problem since years. I took my family with me. I consulted with many trekking companies in Nepal for how I could do Everest Trek to see Mt. Everest quite closely. Many Trekking Agencies suggested me to take a Everest View Family Trek . Its a 10 days trekking program which is absolutely family friendly trek with great and awesome views of the tallest Mt. Everest 8848 meter, the roof of the world. Everest View Family Trek  and short trek from Pokhara and chitwan tour are some of the popular family treks offered in the list of many trekking agencies in Nepal and of course it is one of easy and short treks in Everest Himalayan Treks region.

More information

Flying to and fro kathmandu Lukla Kathmandu cost roughly 360 USD and it takes 35 minutes time to fly each way. There are couple of domestic Airlines companies which are providing reliable services but since weather is very crucial and is very difficult to predict you have some chances of being cancelled to fly. so always be prepared with couple of days. You never know about it.

Hotels in Everest Trekking region are quite tourist standard and serving good foods. It is always good idea to book your trip with registered trekking companies. Taking trekking crews from individual can not be very reliable and trustworthy.

In Nepal, there are other unique kind of trips available as well. Very useful to those who are suffering from stresses, depressions and anxieties. To overcome from such situation, you need to be in special places which are sacred, where you can have spiritual power and do the proper meditation. There is a trip called Healing and Meditation Tour . It is a Buddhist Tour in proper. Via this program you will have a great opportunity to meet up with holly people who have been in spiritual world. They are always working  on to the spiritual world in order to benefit human kinds from their stresses and depression. Upper mustang trek is also the similar type which gives you the oldest Buddhist culture.

Other Tips

Similarly, we have other kind of wildlife tour which is incredibly popular tours in Nepal.   Everest view trek with kids is another type of tourist activities in Nepal. The best priced tour package is chitwan tour cost

Also checkout the information of the  best treks for 2018 in Nepal. There is only one such trip known as langtang valley trek. The best one of northern trek in Nepal and you will get the test of everything. Everything meaning local cultures, their life style and hospitality are common while trekking in langtang. If you are not finding the right company to book you trip with. Then Himalayan Adventure Sports is certainly the best company to organize family tours in Nepal.

Some suggestions : Always compare the prices with services and try to book your Nepal tours package with professionals only. By doing this, you definitely won’t regret later. In Nepal, there are wonderful places where you can drive and fly and can still enjoy the most amazing mountain views without trekking. One best example tour for that if you are looking forward like that is the best Nepal tour which one of the best Nepal tour holiday package.


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