Shamanistic Healing Indigenous Nepal Tour

Shamanistic healing indigenous Nepal tour

Nepal is one of the most magical countries in Asia to experience traditional things in a proper way. When people plan to visit Nepal, they normally plan for high Himalayan treks, peak climbing and great expeditions. I don’t say they are wrong. What else they do in the land where 10 out of fourteen above 8000 meter Himalayas plus other hundreds of mountains found. High Himalayan itself actually is a great source not only of great breathtaking views but also of hidden spiritualism. Due to which there are 125 different ethnic groups of people live and 123 different languages are spoken in a small country like Nepal.Sightseeing in very special places to understand local tradition, different spiritual symbols and their meanings, easy walking to observe local life style closely and to visit local houses in the Nepali traditional villages to experience very old shamanistic practices are the specialty of shamanistic healing indigenous Nepal tour.
Visiting Nepal should not only mean trekking in the Himalayas and no need to worry about your physical fitness because here we have introduced a very unique type of vacation where you can experience and observe things which you probably have never thought of. But as Nepal is already that famous in trekking sports we also have easy hiking in it that of course offers you awesome mountain views in an easy location where you can see how Nepali villagers of different ethnic groups live their lives.Beautiful part of shamanistic healing indigenous Nepal tour is that this package has unique itinerary that brings you an opportunity to stay with local family where local shamans who are also known as wise men, healers, diviners and explorers of sacred realms come and tell about you and your hidden treasures and existing problems by using their shamanistic knowledge. It is a very traditional way of curing old diseases and problems which have not been cured by medical science.

Shamanistic healing indigenous Nepal tour is not for teenagers who want great adventures and not for those who do not want to know what comes up. This is specialty for those who have keen interest to explore different cultures, way of life, tradition and hidden fact and amazing unknown experience of spirituality, anthropology and unique healing. Another interesting part of this tour is that we have 100% none touristic place called Sipali which is purely lived only by indigenous people and they still follow traditional way of life. Here we can find very professional shamans who are good at healing through their sacred  knowledge and who are also very good at recognizing medicinal herbs with the help of which they can cure wounds/cuts/burns/ snake’s bite and other many diseases and problems.

Your tour guide, who has specialized in the studies of Hinduism, Buddhism, spiritual teaching and the hidden fact of anthropology, brings his special healing bowl and will teach you how to use it ad tells you it’s benefits of using and you can actually experience it during your entire tour.

Brief Itinerary 1,
Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu, meet your tour guide and transfer to Hotel.
At hotel, have a fresh cup of welcome juice/tea/coffee. Then sit to discuss the entire trip.

Day 2: Breakfast at the hotel. Then we drive to one of Buddhist monasteries in Swayambhunath area to attend morning sermon (puja).

It will be your first step of healing. In this ceremony we will sit inside the monastery at puja hall with monks and lamas (priest) where you will listen powerful chanting where 7 different musical instruments will be played. This musical sound and chanting sound are so special and beneficial for every individual which actually helps to purify/cleansing our inner blockages.
After this, we will move on to the self made temple on the top point of Kathmandu city. This is also known as monkey temple. This has been a very famous tourist attraction in Nepal so has been listed as world heritage site since 1979. But when taken from spiritual point of view this is one of very important and special places that should not be missed to visit.
Then we move on to Patan. Patan is one of best cities in Kathmandu valley which is very powerful place spiritually. Here, we will visit living goddess called Kumari. Here we arrange special setting for meeting her personally. Patan is also known as “Lalitpur” meaning city of art. Patanese are very skillful at metal craft, painting and like. Here we have other old and sacred temples to visit and old artistic and classical palace to admire. This will be a whole day trip and we will be back in Kathmandu in the evening.

Day 03: Breakfast at your hotel again. After this, we will move on to one of monasteries to attend morning puja in Boudhanath Area.

Boudhanath Area is known as Tibetan town in Kathmandu. Here you can see all the people of Tibetan type. After the puja we will join for the sightseeing of the biggest Buddhist shrine known as Boudhnath Stupa. This is a 2100 old stupa and made especially in Mandala shape. This will be the wonderful one of very special place to look at as a beautiful shrine and to understand as spiritual center. Then we drive for an hour or hour and half to Bajrayogini temple. This is very special and sacred place to see as an old temple in Kathmandu and also to feel wonderful tantric science and its values. Though we can drive quite close to the temple but we will do half an hour hiking to explore more about nearby areas, people and local Newari way of life. Newar is aboriginal of Kathmandu valley. After the visit and special pray/puja to the temple we will drive back to Pashupatinath temple. We plan to go to Pashupatinath temple in the evening. But we will have lunch in between. It is very important to go there in the evening because you can join musical nightly regular ceremony which is known as Ganga Arati. It is so wonderful and so special for spiritual blessing. At the hotel after the long day.

Day 4: Drive from Kathmandu to Sipali 90 kilo meter 3- 4 hours drive.
Breakfast at the hotel. Then we directly drive to Sipali. Sipali is one of very old villages of Nepal which is not that far from Kathmandu but still we need to drive off road so we need 4WD jeep to reach there. It is totally a none touristic place, purely lived only by indigenous and they still follow traditional way of life. Here we can find very professional shamans who are good at healing through their tantric knowledge and who are also very good at recognizing medicinal herbs with the help of which they can cure wounds/cuts/burns/ snake’s bite and other diseases. We can also do hour and half wonderful hiking to the village which is optional.

Tonight, we have wonderful talk with shamans, you can consult your problems if you have and want with them and they will show their some practices at the home you are staying at and it will be so wonderful.

Day 05: Further shamanistic work and hiking.

Breakfast with the family. Shamans can arrange special puja for you that will bring a lot of peace, harmony, good thinking and progress into your life in the morning if you want. Then we proceed for whole day hiking with pack lunch to explore local beauties. Back in the evening at the same home stay with the family we will continue healing and shamanistic activities if needed.

Day 06: Drive from Sipali to Namobuddha 70 kilometers/3 hours.
Namobuddha is another very popular Buddhsit sacred place where many people from all around the world come to visit there for pilgrimage/ touristic/spiritual reason. Very special place for all reasons. But before we go to visiting there you are going to check in Namobuddha Resort owned by German family and it is really wonderful one. We have lunch here. After check in and the lunch we will go to visit the sacred site, we will explore and do some meditation there and back to the Resort and relax.

Day 07 Namobuddha to Dhulikhel by hikimg 3- 4 hours.
Breakfast at Namobuddha Resort then take on needed gears on you to hike to Dhulikhel. We have 3-4 hours easy hiking. On the way we will view wonderful Himalayan views. In Dhulikhel we will stay at the Dhulikhel Lodge Resort. Dhulikhel is a wonderful small town and a famous junction to drive to Kathmandu or to Tibet border. We can visit some of wonderful monuments and back to the Dhulikhel Lodge Resort.

Day 08: Drive from Dhulikhel to Bhaktapur then to Nagarkot.
After Breakfast at the Dhulikhel Lodge Resort, we have an hour drive to Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is the oldest town and the center for Newari culture, handicraft and to explore medieval rich art and architecture. This used to be a royal palace of Malla dynasty until 1668 A.D. After the wonderful sightseeing and lich here we will further drive to Nagarkot hill. Nagarkot is a very famous hill station for sunset and sunrise views. It is also a very popular hill near Kathmandu for stunning views of breathtaking Himalayas. We have Country Villa, a wonderful Hotel for our overnight accommodation and all.

Day 09: Hiking from Nagarkot to Changunarayan Temple 5 hours and then back to Kathmandu at the same Hotel.
Breakfast at Country Villa and then take your day bag pack rest we will send that in Kathmandu. You have easy hiking with awesome Himalaya’s views. You will be hiking through different villages that give you a great experience to make a picture in your mind of different people and their ways of living. At the end of your hiking, you can reach a wonderful and the oldest monument of Nepal built/found in 4th century. A shrine of Hindu god of preservation of the Universe called Lord Narayan. After this all, you can get into the car that is waiting for you in chagunarayan to drive you back in Kathmandu.

Day 10: Free day or shopping Day and end of the Shamanistic healing indigenous Nepal tour.

Day 11: Final Departure.
Your driver who takes care all your other part of the trip will drop you to Kathmandu International Airport for your final Departure.

Please dial us at 9779851005540 for WhatsApp and Viber call and write us at [email protected] if you are interested in Shamanistic healing indigenous Nepal tour.

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