Trekking in Nepal with kids

Trekking in Nepal with Kids
Trekking in Nepal with Kids

Are you looking for adventure with your family? Do you think trekking in Nepal with kids is not possible in the Himalayas? If you are confused with all these kind of dilemmas then think no more, just join Himalayan Adventure Sports to trek to Nepal with your children.

Our itineraries designed for family Treks are well made  to suit exact needs of families. When people think about coming to Nepal and want to do some kind of treks in Nepal then their priority goes for trekking in Everest Trekking Region. It is normal because Mt. Everest is the roof of the world, the highest mountain in the world. Looking at it from as near by as possible is every body’s dream. One may think how he/she can trek to Mt. Everest trekking  area as  a family with small children. The top of the Mt. Everest is 8848 meters but you are not going on its top with your kids, you are just trekking around there. Trekking near Mt. Everest to look at it to view the majestic View of the world’s roof. It is easily possible to join for Everest View Family Trek offers by Himalayan Adventure Sports your partner company to organize Himalayan Treks whether for adults, families or for elderly people.

Another fact about the Mt. Everest is that it is not necessary to be there in the Everest trekking region but Everest can be viewed from other many areas too. In Nepal Family Holiday designed by us offers you the magnificent views of Mt.Everest and other mountains as well. It is one of the best family trek and tour in Nepal.Trekking in Nepal with kids look like a difficult task but it is not when you are  with professionals. Our long experience of handling  family tours in Nepal allow us to suggest to take a Nepal family tours comfortably.

Nepal family Holiday
Nepal family Holiday

Eat, dink and be happy with the sights of great Himalayas views in Nepal Family Holiday. It is one of the best Nepal family treks since it offers to experience real Nepal and the great mountain views.

8 days in the Himalayas and 2 days just driving 7-8 hours on the day to get your trek started and while back again to Kathmandu.  Just in 10 days you will have lifetime achievement of the trip you have never probably thought to do.This is langtang valley trek with us which is wonderfully rich in everything. Trekking in langtang makes you feel that you really have made the right choice due to it’s richness of all aspects of a tour that must be accompanied with. Northern trek in Nepal is regarded as hidden treasure of natural beauties. Another alternative is to rent a car, jeep van as  needed and drive near by and trek on the top. Kathmandu vehicle service is the best one for car rental in Nepal.

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