Know the fact of spirituality, blend of Buddhism and Hinduism. Ancient history of Nepal, high cultural values and living museum of medieval wooden craft of Kathmandu Valley.To get all these you should take a look at and book Kathmandu Heritage Tour. Guided and private day tour in the  oldest historical cities of world takes you  to  touristic site of Swayambhunath Stupa. This is commonly known as monkey Temple and of course regarded as self made monument. Your guide will explain you more about the monument there.

Let’s go to checkout materialism vs spiritualism.

Next place to go in Kathmandu Heritage Tour is Pashupatinath Temple .It is the most sacred site of all the Hindus of the world. Over here, you can have a close sight of how the funeral procession of Hindus is performed. You can see open cremation very openly at the bank of Bagmati River. This holly place is fully surrounded by number of temples mostly built in pagoda style. The dominant temple architecture of Nepal. This is also the place to feel and see how the journey of spirituality can be set up. You can talk about materialism versus spiritualism with your guide with various examples. There are a lot of suitable places for the meditation. This place is not only famous simply for tourism but also for spiritualism.

Take a close look at the mini Tibetan city in Nepal.

Afterwards,lets go to see world’s biggest Buddhist Temple in a mini Tibetan town in Kathmandu. Boudhanath Stupa is not only regarded as the most sacred pilgrimage site for all the Buddhists of the world but also equally popular touristy sightseeing sports in Kathmandu Valley. Popular for Tibetans since their King and Dharma Guru (religious master) his holiness Dalai Lama starts living in India because of Political problem with Chinese Government almost before 60 years. Tibetans then started residing in this area and built number of Buddhist monasteries and established their authentic Tibetan handicraft shops around the Temple. So, here you can find real thanka painting schools and authentic therapy traditional therapy center. Explore amazing old city of Kathmandu and get to know incredible medieval architecture by visiting live museums to the old palaces and experience the real world with our professional tour guides. It is a wonderful Kathmandu sightseeing tour. Our suggestion for trekkers for the best trek in Nepal is Annapurna circuit trekking.

Highlights of Kathmandu Heritage Tour.

  • Guided glance of Kathmandu Valley in a single day.
  • Visiting Most Popular Heritage Sites.
  • Monkeys in Swayambhunath & Pashupatinath.
  • Open Cremation of dead bodies in the bank of Bagmati River.
  • Also checkout the information of the best treks in 2018 in Nepal.

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Day 1, 3 points guided Heritage Tour of Kathmandu Nepal.

  • Meet up our excellently well experienced and widely knowledgeable Tour Guide with a very friendly Driver to start up your exciting tour of Kathmandu Heritage in your hotel.
  • Drive to Swayambhunath Temple;regarded as self made with number of other Buddhist symbols including prayer wheels and prayer flags. Detail description on the sport by our Tour Guide.
  • Then drive to Phasupatinath Temple; very popular and the most ancient sacred Hindu site where you will see open Hindu cremation of the dead bodies in the bank of holy River Bagmati. Right place talk about Material and spiritual.
    Detail description by Tour Guide.
  • Finally to the largest Stupa of Boudhanath. A sacred Buddhist site in Kathmandu valley where you can experience Tibetan culture and way of life and of course you can observe authentic Tibetan handicrafts. Detail by the guide.
  • English speaking Tour guide with wide knowledge of History, culture and religion.
  • Comfortable Private vehicle with a friendly and experienced driver.
  • All the Entrance fees of the heritage sites.
  • Office service Charge.
  • All government Taxes.
  • Lunch and Tips.

Kathmandu Heritage Tour
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