Maratika Tour - Haleshi Mahadev Cave Tour
Maratika Tour – Haleshi Mahadev Cave Tour

Are you looking forward for booking a jeep or renting a car or hiring any kinds of vehicles to Maratika cave/Haleshi Mahadev ? just dial at 9851005540 then you are set up. You can whats App, wechat or viber at 9779851005540 for jeep to Maratika. Hiring a comfortable jeep and a professional tour guide is the best way of organizing your Maratika tour in Nepal. Maratika Tour- Haleshi Mahadev Cave tour  is a Buddhist pilgrimage tour. Maratika cave is situated in the eastern part of Nepal namely in Khotang district. In and around the Maratika cave, there are other caves around and all of them are quite sacred, holly and blessed by the enlightened personalities like guru Padmashambhava, Amitayush Buddha and Abhilokiteshwor.
Since Banepa Bardibas road connection makes great accessible to khotang, it is now quite easy to travel by road from Kathmandu to maratika. It is even easy now since the motor- able bridge has been built in the jayaramghat above the Koshi River.
Maratika cave history and/or maratika cave biography goes this way from the spiritual point of view according to Buddhism:- maratika Cave and maratika monastery (Maratika is also known Haleshi ) are located in Khotang District in Nepal, circa 185 km south west of Mount Everest. It is a very sacred site of pilgrimage associated with Mandarava, Padmasambhava and longevity. Mandarava and Padmasambhava realised a number of terma that had been elementally encoded as terma in Maratika Cave by Dakini Sangwa Yeshe, terma that number among the longevity teachings of Buddha Amitabha and given to Bodhisattva Avalokiteswara. At Maratika Cave, Mandarava and Padmasambhava attained the Vidyadhara of longevity or long life. That is why it is believed that visiting to Maratika cave grants long life to the visitors.
Distance from Kathmandu to halesi mahadev or Maratika Cave is 260 kilo meter and it takes around 10 hours and need to hire a 4WD jeep since 30 kilometers road is not that good from jayaramghat. Kathmandu to halesi by road used to be difficult at the past but not anymore now.
Maratika Cave Tour for long life can be done in 5 days but if you want to make your tour a bit longer and want to visit other sacred Buddhist places in Nepal then you can join a tour called Maratika Namobuddha Lumbini Tour which allows to visit other famous Buddhist places including the birth place of lord Buddha organized by Nepal tours. There are other excellent trips in Nepal such as Annapurna Circuit Trek which is one of the exciting treks not only because of 5416m  high thorong la pass but also it has plenty of other stuffs like nature, culture and adventure. Kathmandu chitwan Pokhara tour provides medieval cultural and architectural test in Nepali heritage sites, awesome mountain views from lake city of Pokhara and breathtaking jungle activities in chitwan national park.
Example outline itinerary of Maratika Tour.
Day 1, Arrive in Nepal and transfer to Hotel.
Day 2, Drive with 4WD jeep to Maratika 10 hours/260 kilometers.
Day 3, Puja, sighseeing and meditation in Maratika and other caves.

Day 4, Maratika to Kathmandu by the same Jeep.
Day 5, Departure.

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We also offer langtang valley trek which is one of the best northern trek in Nepal. Trekking in langtang always frees your mind because you are going to like it a lot.

Tips for travelling with children to Everest Region
Tips for travelling with children to Everest Region

Tips for travelling with children to Everest Region.When you are travelling with your children specially for your trekking, hiking and other kind of Nepal tours   you have to do such.

Book ahead -for family trek-hiking-tours  : Booking your trip ahead of your arrival to your destination helps and reliefs a lot for your holidays. It can rather save your money and time as well.  If you are doing your family trip such as family Trek with your children. And if you want to do it all on your own without taking any help from travel agents. Then that is not gonna make your trip easy for you. Because taking kids with is like a taking herd of goats whether they are yours or others.  So, let trekking company who are expert in arranging your family trips to work on your holiday with your kids.Tours we offer are suitable for families. Kathmandu Pokhara Tour is the best Nepal tour  and our other tours in Nepal are very professionally designed.

Use private transport – Tips for travelling with children to Everest Region.

In Nepal, they don’t have metro trains and local transportation is not as good as yours. We have tourist bus services but only to the limited areas. Hire a private car, van or jeep according to where you go and how many members you are in your family. Private transportation is good and finally gonna cost like using local transportation. So, this means that using private transportation is not expensive but always safe and easy.

Don’t forget the medicine – Tips for travelling with children to Everest Region.

One of very important things while travelling with kids for your holidays is not to forget to pack up medicines with you from your town. Kids always seem to get ill on holidays and it is our responsible to suggest you to pack up medicines as we see similar problems while organizing family trips. So, these are the basic things to remember while you are on Family Treks in Nepal

On top of 3 suggestions above,  provided for Everest region family trek I am sharing about Everest View Family Trek here below. We have done this trek in Everest trekking region

Trekking to Everest region does not mean you  have to do – 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek or Everest Base Camp with Gokyo Ri and Chhukung RI. These are of course strenuous grades.  But things are different when  you are followed by your family, your kids or your children. You have thought about doing this adventurous Trek since years and could not happen because you have family. Can’t travel own your own. Yes it is so when you have family.

As I experienced.

I had the same problem since years. I took my family with me. I consulted with many trekking companies in Nepal for how I could do Everest Trek to see Mt. Everest quite closely. Many Trekking Agencies suggested me to take a Everest View Family Trek . Its a 10 days trekking program which is absolutely family friendly trek with great and awesome views of the tallest Mt. Everest 8848 meter, the roof of the world. Everest View Family Trek  and short trek from Pokhara and chitwan tour are some of the popular family treks offered in the list of many trekking agencies in Nepal and of course it is one of easy and short treks in Everest Himalayan Treks region.

More information

Flying to and fro kathmandu Lukla Kathmandu cost roughly 360 USD and it takes 35 minutes time to fly each way. There are couple of domestic Airlines companies which are providing reliable services but since weather is very crucial and is very difficult to predict you have some chances of being cancelled to fly. so always be prepared with couple of days. You never know about it.

Hotels in Everest Trekking region are quite tourist standard and serving good foods. It is always good idea to book your trip with registered trekking companies. Taking trekking crews from individual can not be very reliable and trustworthy.

In Nepal, there are other unique kind of trips available as well. Very useful to those who are suffering from stresses, depressions and anxieties. To overcome from such situation, you need to be in special places which are sacred, where you can have spiritual power and do the proper meditation. There is a trip called Healing and Meditation Tour . It is a Buddhist Tour in proper. Via this program you will have a great opportunity to meet up with holly people who have been in spiritual world. They are always working  on to the spiritual world in order to benefit human kinds from their stresses and depression. Upper mustang trek is also the similar type which gives you the oldest Buddhist culture.

Other Tips

Similarly, we have other kind of wildlife tour which is incredibly popular tours in Nepal.   Everest view trek with kids is another type of tourist activities in Nepal. The best priced tour package is chitwan tour cost

Also checkout the information of the  best treks for 2018 in Nepal. There is only one such trip known as langtang valley trek. The best one of northern trek in Nepal and you will get the test of everything. Everything meaning local cultures, their life style and hospitality are common while trekking in langtang. If you are not finding the right company to book you trip with. Then Himalayan Adventure Sports is certainly the best company to organize family tours in Nepal.

Some suggestions : Always compare the prices with services and try to book your Nepal tours package with professionals only. By doing this, you definitely won’t regret later. In Nepal, there are wonderful places where you can drive and fly and can still enjoy the most amazing mountain views without trekking. One best example tour for that if you are looking forward like that is the best Nepal tour which one of the best Nepal tour holiday package.


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Annapurna Trekking Region – Annapurna Himalayan Treks in Nepal.
Annapurna Trekking Region – Annapurna Himalayan Treks in Nepal.

Annapurna Trekking Region – Annapurna Himalayan Treks in Nepal.

Nepal is known as Himalayan kingdom. We can view Himalayas from the most of the places. There are different Himalayan ranges in Nepal. In the mid-western part of Nepal Annapurna Himalayan range is one of that. There are many kind of Annapurna treks. Some of them are easy, other is moderate and the rest are strenuous. Most of treks in Annapurna are easy, few of them are moderate and couple of them is strenuous. Annapurna is one of popular trekking destinations in Nepal commonly known as Annapurna trekking region.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

We can find hundred of Annapurna circuit trek blogs in the internet, many of them are quite informative and effectively presented. Information regarding Annapurna circuit trek cost, Annapurna circuit trek map, Annapurna circuit trek itinerary, Annapurna circuit best time to go, Annapurna circuit guide etc. These information provide all needed things like what to take while on Nepal Himalayan treks. Similarly another famous trek, suitable for family and it is one of  easy and short treks from pokhara is

Annapurna Hilmalayan views from Australian Camp
Annapurna Hilmalayan views from Australian Camp

Dhampus Australian Camp Family Trek dhampus and australian camp are two famous trek points. From here, great views of Annapurna Himal is possible. Ideal place to start dhampus australian camp trek is kande. Dhampus and australian camp are two small villages which are suitable places since there are good  hotels available for the trekkers.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek
Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Since this trek starts from the elevation of 900m and rises up to 4130m the ABC latest trek point. It is not a strenuous trek as such but it’s level is actually easy to moderate and few strenuous. So, Annapurna Base camp Trek difficulty is not very challenging and this trek is actually for all . Annapurna base camp trek cost and annapurna base camp trek itinerary are immensely available in the internet such as annapurna base camp trek blog and annapurna trek wiki 

very importantly trekkers need to think about the right itinerary which is prepared by the professionals because special care are measure while making itinerary. If such is not done then there might be an affect of high altitude sickness. To avoid it annapurna base camp trek distance  should be measured in a way which does not bring any sort of physical sickness. Our itinerary does not cause physical sickness because we have eco friedly itinerary of ABC trek

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek
Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek 

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is one of easy and short treks in Nepal  that starts from the lake and mountain city of pokhara in Nepal. This is the trek for all and this means that this trek is very suitable if you are traveling as a family. If you are thinking about to trek to poon hill with kids then you are deciding right thing. It is an easy trek in Nepal and rally suitable trek for all. It is also know as 4 days poon hill trek or short trek from pokhara.

Langtang valley trek is an easy and wonderful trek basically best northern trek in Nepal and there you can observe from cultural aspects to mighty Himalayan views when you book a trip with us for trekking in langtang.



This article is written by our team Leader : Peter from Belgium, World’s awe-inspiring views in 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

It is a great feeling to be stunned at something surprising We saw unbelievable mountain views when we were on EBC Trek in the Classical world’s famous trekking destination in the Everest Trekking Region in Nepal. I was thinking why Mt. Everest is so important for those people who are kin for trekking. I could only realize when I saw those beautiful Himalayas in the sacred Everest Trekking region in Nepal.

World’s awe-inspiring views in 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek
World’s awe-inspiring views in 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

Thanks to hospitable Sherpa communities who are so kin and so profound to keep all those old monuments intact and up to date. When we were there I had several opportunities to be involved in their regular monastic processions which carry religious values to the locals and fantastic feeling to the trekkers. To be honest, for me it was so blessed sort of feeling that I could feel inside me and even today the great vibrant music is still there in my mind.

When we made a plan for 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek recently, we were in dilemma whether to take it or not because all our group members were not that physically fit and also we did do so many hiking practices to make us fit to choose trip like Everest Base Camp.

One of the views in 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek
One of the views in 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

But we were sure of taking a trip to the Himalayas. One of our team members put up his ideas and encourage all of us that if we are doing a trip to Nepal then why not Everest Base Camp why not in the Base Camp of the roof of the world. His ideas made us stunned and we started to research and asked with the couple of local companies about the Everest Base Camp Trek they offered. We could see that almost all the travel companies in Nepal offer this trip. As we started asking our curiosity to the trekking companies in Nepal we got different kind of views and that put us again to the dilemma.

One company out of all convinced us that trekking to Everest Base Camp is not that far beyond difficult as we were thinking. He said Everest Base Camp Trek has all easy days except the couple of strenuous ups and downs days. But even for that he had the best idea how that could have done. With coupe of rest days and the itinerary which are offered/made for EBC trek is not only for professional mountaineers but also to the beginners and to the family.

Then after that we took a trip and we did the trek which is the best trip we ever had in our life.

Meditation in Tengboche
Meditation in Tengboche

Apart from EBC strenuous Trek, there are number of easy treks one of the for example is Sundarijal Nagarkot Trek – which is located near kathmandu valley but really offers you breathtaking majestic mountain views in a very hospitable village walk tour in Nepal.

Hiking from Chisapani to Nagarkot - a part of Sundarijal Nagarkot Trek.
Hiking from Chisapani to Nagarkot – a part of Sundarijal Nagarkot Trek.

Similarly, Nepal does not offer Himalayan Treks only,  there are plenty of heritage, wildlife, historical, cultural etc trips which are really awesome tours. One of them we took is Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan Tour. On top of all those we have Family Treks in Nepal which are easy and suitable treks with kids. Trekking in the Himalayas is not always only the adventurous one but also family holiday trips. For example Everest View Family Trek and Dhampus Australian Camp Family Trek are some examples. Some of tours we offer are the most amazing but still not too physically challenges. The example of  that kind of tour is the best Nepal tour. This tour gives you all aspect of a real holiday in Nepal.

World’s awe-inspiring views in 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek
World’s awe-inspiring views in 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

The world has full of mysteries and it is like you need to know more when you start knowing somethings. And the world is like it is good if you do not know anything but then it becomes even complicated when you know somethings. Life , being a part of world or the nature it is equally mysterious and you need to know so many things in order to make it balanced and keep it happy. The most secret of being happy is to meditate regularly and healing properly. Healing, Meditation and Buddhist Teaching by Buddhist Tour 

Annapurna Circuit Trek is another wonderful Nepal tour  Lumbini Tour is a very famous Buddhist pilgrimage tour

Langtang valley is another World’s awe-inspiring view and one of world’s famous valley offers you langtang valley trek  which is one of the best in norther trek of Nepal. Trekking in langtang gives you all activities in one trip.

Deep and relaxing sound by carved handmade healing bowl for the benefit of human kind

Himalayan Treks
Himalayan Treks

Himalayan Treks – Himalayas are in all around the world, they are famous with many different ranges, among them some are so well famous in the world and others are not. While talking about history and development of the Himalayas we may simply think about the development of the whole earth. As time passed on there must be numbers of unknown obstructions which may have been caused different level of physical developments on the earth. Undoubtedly these Himalayas help a lot to separate not only into different countries but also cultures, civilizations, religions and so on. These separations make human being so curious to explore the world which is not in their access.

We are trying simply to figure out in a very ground level understanding of the Himalayas. Our main focused is to talk about the importance of the Himalayan Treks especially in Nepal. Let us put up very basic information about the Himalayas of Nepal:

The Himalayan range has many of the Earth’s highest peaks, including the highest, Mount Everest. The Himalayas include over fifty mountains exceeding 7,200 meters (23,600 ft) in elevation, including ten of the fourteen 8000m peaks in Nepal. The Himalayan range is bordered on the northwest by the Karakoram and Hindu kush ranges, on the north by the Tibetan Plateau, and on the south by the Indo-plain. The Himalayas are distinct from the other great ranges of central Asia. The Himalayas are spread across five countries: Nepal, India, Bhutan, China and Pakistan, with the first three countries having sovereignty over most of the range some of the world’s major rivers, the Indus, the Ganges, and the Tsangpo-Brahmaputra, rise in the Himalayas, and their combined drainage basin home to roughly 600 million people.

Since Nepal is the major country for housing more than half the tallest peaks in the world it is no doubt to be the world’s famous for Trekking. One of the best out of many treks in Nepal is 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek which is the number one in the world offering 14 days Everest Base Camp Itinerary in a very reasonable trekking price. Similarly, another famous Base Camp is Annapurna Base Camp Trek which can be done from 7 days to 14 days depending on how you want it to be proceeding. Annapurna Circuit guide  has wonderful trek trail too.Though Nepal is widely famous for Himalayan Treks,there are many easy Himalayan Treks which are suitable for the families. Family Treks in Nepal is another branch of Trekking in the Himalayas and some of them are Everest View Family Trek and Dhampus Australian Camp family Trek. Second family Trek also offers to have a wonderful time in the largest national park. This means that Nepal has other many kind of holiday trips. One of that can be heritage culture and jungle safari activities. Though there are many national parks in Nepal but easy and the with a lot of activities is Chitwan National Park. for Jungle and cultural activities in the National Park people normally take Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan Tour. Trips mentioned in this article are some of example of Nepal Tours . Nepal is one of the world’s culturally rich countries and it allows you to explore different culture, way of life and architecture. There are extremely most sacred Buddhist sites to explore.

Short information of norther trek in Nepal: Langtang valley trek combines with spectacular views of  northern Himalayas of Nepal. Not only awesome mountainous scenes but also tamang culture and their way of life is the part of this trek. Trekking in langtang offers all these and plus gives you the chance to  look at Himalayn lives. There is another way of admiring Nepal. This meas that Nepal has other many things to do as well. You can experience old history, visit awesome architecture sites, sacred places and amazing national park tour by taking the best Nepal tour. This tour gives you the test of real Nepal holidays

Spirituality and tourism
Spirituality and tourism

Travelling to particular region must have particular reason as well. It really matters then where you are travelling and why you are travelling. What is the way to be connected with spiritual and how that is possible and why it is Important. Nature is great and it is everything. Life is a part of it. Nature and life both have been mysterious for the centuries and yet to be studied and it continues but still remain as mysterious as it used to be. Through spirituality one can understands the mystery of the nature, life and phenomena. It leads you to the nature, teaches you to appreciate the greatness of it and an individual learns to be the part of it and that gives great opportunity to understand the relationship between Nature and life. These are possible in Spirituality and tourism. Tiji Festival Trek is an example trip that offers the perfect blend of   Nature and life, the great connection between spirituality and tourism

Tiji festival Trek
Tiji festival Trek

When you are at the state of finding yourself as a real part of the Nature and then you start to understand why the modern life has a lot problems which are totally unknown to the bearer. It is yet very unknown to the one who is facing problem because he/she has gone so very far away from the reality. So called modern development has created unavoidable compulsion to every one of us that we never have time to think about it.

When one is so far away from the natural process of the life, then it is certain that it brings stresses, depressions and become patient of anxiety. Those animals which are living in the nature, which do not have any connection of the business, jobs and they have no worries at all to provide any modern facilities to their children because they totally not connected to our world. This does not mean at all that we have to be as careless for the world as animals are. But this means that we have forgotten to balance our lives. Balances are possible with Spirituality and Tourism.

The fact is that it is not possible totally to go back to the nature but there are ways to be connected ourselves in the natural process so that we can balance our lives and we can come out from all these stresses and depressions. For that there is a natural touristic activities designed for the benefit of human kind. In these activities there is a natural healing process, Buddhist Teaching which gives you an idea to understand how one can be happy even when you are involved in your modern life routine. Through this Buddhist Tour You can benefit a lot and helps you to come out from all the difficulties that you have been facing since years. Meditation has such a great connection that builds up with the nature by its beginning and it always tries to put us into the perfect relationship with the factors unknown to us. Our Meditation tour or our healing tour – these are different names of the same kind but what it has to do with is the greatest benefit for the mankind.

Nature and spirit have always been very good friends to each other. It is so because it is unavoidable. Whether or not, going to the nature is becoming spiritual as well. Nature is the source for everything. Taking part in langtang valley trek is the process of cleansing yourself out from outbound and inbound stresses. You can really enjoy the locally produced organic foods cooking by the locals in their cultural style. So, it is also one way of experiencing differences of the different world while on  trekking in langtang. This trek is also famous as northern trek in Nepal. There are many people who are looking forward for renting a 4WD jeep in Nepal for their wonderful Mustang tour. That has been a common practice since some years back. You can whether hire a jeep to Mustang from Kathmandu vehicle service providers or in Pokhara.

All can trek in the Himalayas
All can trek in the Himalayas

Do you know who can trek and who cannot? There are a lot of views and ideas about it. But for me all can trek in the Himalayas. There is a general understanding that the trekking is a sport especially for those who are fit. Do you think then to be in the beauty of nature by hiking is only for those who are physically capable. If it is so, then physically unfit has no chance to view breathtaking views of the Himalayas. There is no one in the world who is unfit. Every one of us is totally fit. You actually need to be mentally fit to trek in any trekking regions in Nepal. You can do any Base Camps if you are mentally ready to push up your physicality. You are the best doctor in the world for your body. You are only one to understand the real status and stamina of your body properly. Your bodily problems will be found on the base of what you report to the doctor. That will be the first stage for them to start the research on you. Actually interest and determination matters for every task to be carried on for everyone in life.  So, take it easy and get ready everybody for hiking to the Himalayas. Good news for those who actually do not want to walk no matter whether you can or not. You can hire vehicle in Kathmandu of your type and drive near to the Himalayas and take a great views of them.

Okay, while trekking in Nepal to any Himalayas whether to EBC trek or to ABC trek or/and anywhere else in the world as well. It is not that you must follow what your guide says but it is that guide must follow what you say. Very importantly your trekking trip must be private for that and you must take guide and necessary crews for the uncertain period of time. Agreement must be done accordingly with one of government registered trekking Agencies in Nepal. As said it is true that all can trek in the Himalayas.

I want to clarify little bit over here about the private trekking trip. If you are a budget trekker and joining your trekking trip with other group then you cannot take any decision against the trip manager. For example if you want to finish Annapurna round trek trip in 12 days then you must follow what guide says. On the other hand if you are organizing your trekking trip to Everest Base Camp and time is not a problem and money as well then you decide what you want to do when you are on the trekking region. For example you are doing Annapurna Base Camp Trek and you feel like taking rest in Bamboo for 2 days then you can just decide it there and that is it.
Whether to trek by foot or not is another factor too. It depends how busy you are, spending days in the mountain is a wonderful thing but does it worth doing it can be another question to some of you. For everything there is an alternative. Similarly there is also an alternative for those who cannot really spend days in the Himalayas but really want to see it. For this kind of people our alternative is to take luxurious helicopter ride to see any Himalaya in Nepal as you want. In this kind of tours you have to listen to the crews and you have to fix everything in advance. For example you are taking Everest Helicopter Tour for 2 hours with breakfast in kwande. You cannot decide to stay another 2 hours in kwande even if the tour is privately organized and even if you want to pay whatever is extra.

In general, it is not necessary to be physically fit as such to trek in the Himalayas but you must be mentally prepare and committed. Commitment makes impossible things possible but you always have to listen carefully what your physical status say to you. If you are a person who is very serious about your commitment and equally serious to understand your physical conditions and equally serious to act accordingly then none of the treks in Nepal is impossible for you. So, this is why I think all can trek in the Himalayas.

Tiji festival Trek
Tiji festival Trek

Tiji Festival Trek 2018

Nepal is amazing country for organizing trip which are sometimes beyond our imagination. For example there is a place called Lo-manthang the capital city of the forbidden kingdom lies  to the other side of the Himalaya. Every year in the spring locals celebrate festival called Tiji runs specially for 3 days where it shows up the cultural and historical events performed in a thrilling way with their  traditional costumes. Tiji festival trek cost is quite affordable. Tiji festival trek 2018 information given by Himalayan Adventure Sports and the easiness of its itinerary to trek to Upper Mustang in Tiji festival is really awesome.

Nepal family Holidays with kids is the best Family Vacation package for 2018/2019 in Nepal. It’s a must see place before your kids grown up. it is so because itineraries are made up with the children’s pace , touring are is quite comfortable with alluring natural beauties including all most all the mountains views of Nepal. All can trek in the Himalayas mean also including children but we have special places which are easy with the, perfectly good and fit.

Meditation Tour 

Meditation Tour
Meditation Tour

It’s an exceptional tour takes you to the different world. The world you never think about that brings plenty of happiness and comforts in your life. Meditation tour helps you releases all your stresses  anxieties and frustration.

similarly, langtang valley trek is one of that kind which is really rich in offering all kind of happiness because of it’s highly profound beauty and natural resources. Not only that much but also gives you the real test of local cultures, life styles and breathtaking views of the mighty Himalayas while you are on northern trekking in Nepal. Booking a trip for trekking in langtang is an ideal decision. You made a wonderful choice.

If you are looking forward to find a good tour guide for your guided tour around Kathmandu with a convenient vehicle then you are visiting the right page.Kathmandu valley is one of the oldest, holiest and the most sacred  cities in the world. So, find the best Kathmandu Tour Guide to know the secret of spirituality, history, Buddhism and Hinduism. Join us for guided Kathmandu walking tour with very profoundly professional tour guide and learn a lot mystic part of the world. Our everyday tours with private cars or just walk and talk tours help you finding out the hidden treasure of Nepal/eastern culture.
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My Name is Deepak Mainali and I am a travel addict, I love meeting new people and sharing the beauty of Nepal with everyone. I love talking and meeting people from different cultures and countries around the world and that’s the main reason I am here. I have more than 15 years experience in the hospitality and travel industry. I traveled 11 Countries & 100 Cities. Nepal is my forever home now and I am utilizing my knowledge and travel experience over the years in Himalayan Adventure Sports Tours to help travelers visiting our paradise learn about the beautiful culture, Showcasing the magical sceneries around the country and create lifetime memories in Nepal.

My favorite destinations in Nepal: Pokhara and hiking around, Chitwan national park, Bardia National Park and Lumbini. My favorite Country besides Nepal is Tibet. Himalayan Adventure Sports Tours is a small family owned and operated tour Company in Nepal. We do Half day tours, Full day tours & Private Tours to the most iconic attractions in Nepal. Started in 2014, by taking different companies   crews and individual foreigner tourists on day tours customized to suit their short layover time in Nepal. As our customer database grew, we grew, and now we proudly offer all our set and customized Private tours to anyone coming to Nepal looking for a unique visit and amazing experiences.

Our day tours reflect antic Nepali design and we take you both to quit and tranquil places also to the places where you will see crowd of locals. We want to show you everything. This is how you can learn whole Nepal and Nepali culture. I’m a freelance tour guide and eastern culture expert with a wide knowledge about the Hinduism and Buddhism and I can talk well about the parallelism of both the doctrines. You will have great opportunity to know a lot about materialism and spiritualism with a couple hours time. This way you can see the city’s abandoned buildings with their architectural details.  This talk is not something that starts getting happening but you surely start realizing about what are they and why they are important to know.

Why choose me?

With more than 15 years experience in travel and hospitality industry locally and worldwide, I seek my customer’s satisfaction in the first place. I like creating lifetime memories for our customers through a unique unforgettable journey. I make sure that you will never forget the time you spend in Kathmandu or wherever we might take you. Your search of how to find a good tour guide in Kathmandu ends up here.

Kathmandu Private Tour – Day tour with Deepak.

Welcome to the best Kathmandu heritage tours with prices.


One person        USD 110 with private car and tour guide – 3 points of your choice of Kathmandu valley.

Two persons      USD 80 with private car and tour guide – 3 points of your choice of Kathmandu valley.

Three persons   USD 75 with private car and tour guide – 3 points of your choice of Kathmandu valle

4-5 persons       USD 65 with private car and tour guide – 3 points of your choices of Kathmandu valle

6-9 persons       USD 55 with private car and tour guide – 3 points of your choice of Kathmandu  valley

For a group over 10 give me a call or shoot me an email and we can work out a group rate.
Monkey Temple & Oldest Part of Kathmandu Tour – Fell Real Kathmandu.
Kathmandu has a lot of temples. They are typically two types. Hindu temples and Buddhist temples (known as stupas). Temples are the dominant architectures for now.  But we offer totally different than this. Our focused is to show you recent architecture and abandoned part of the city. There you will see the real picture of Nepal. We take in totally non touristic area for an hour and half may be two and in this time you will see a lot of traditional subject matters in purely local markets.

It is very easy and the best day tour in Kathmandu leaded by a very professional government licensed tour guide. On your request, our guide will come to meet you in your hotel and drive directly for 30 minutes in swayambhunath temple or monkey temple by his private car. This temple is situated at the top of Kathmandu valley. Being on the highest point, you can view whole Kathmandu valley from there.

This is a very sacred holly place and one of highly famous tourist attractions of Nepal listed in the UNESCO world heritage site since 1979. There are a lot Buddhist symbols to see and understand. Monkey temple is believed to be built by itself. It has beautiful legend which says whole valley used to be a water lake. In the center of the lake there was lotus flower. One of enlightened Buddha drained the water. When he did it the lotus came on the hill and turn into the light. It is exactly where the monkey temple is situated.

This is also the right place to take a look at live handicrafts making by the locals. There are real places where you can see people painting wonderful paintings of different Nepali symbols including the Himalayas. Stone carving, 7 metal healing bowls therapy and Tibetan painting centers are amazing to take a look at.
When you finish touring over here then our guide will drive back to the center to take a private walk to the abandoned part of Kathmandu where you will see amazing old architectures. You are walking in the area where there are over crowd of locals, where you can see amazing Nepali traditional stuffs required for different rituals. Tour to Ashan and Indrachok from Thamel to Thamel can be done within 2 hours. These places are the oldest places they are still as they used to be years back.

Champa Devi Hiking – Day hiking trip around Kathmandu.

Champa Devi is a famous hill situated to the southern part of Kathmandu valley. It is a wonderful day hiking trip that allows you to take a look at breathtaking views of northern Himalayan range of Nepal. Full moon day is very special day to visit there. You can see local performing rituals on full moons. Saturday can be a bit busy day over here because locals also will be there to pay special honor or to pray goddess champa. So, there is a small symbolic shrine of one of Durga’s incarnations. The top of the hill offers magnificent views of Himalayas like Mt. Langtang, Mt. Gauri Shankar, Mt. Jugal, Mt. Dorje Lakpa and other Himalayas. It is also perfect place to see superb view of Kathmandu valley, Kirtipur City and Pharping village.

How to go to Champa devi Hiking?

It is easy to go there. Take a taxi pay about 15 USD one way you can share maximum between 4 persons. Road is not so well but its ok and it is 19 kilometers way to Daxinkali Temple. A famous temple of goddess kali. There is only one resort and nothing else to buy on the route. So, load your bag with pack lunch and enough water. Easy way to go there is simply hiring Kathmandu Tour Guide.

How long is actual walk to the top of champa Devi Hill?

It always depends on how your walking speed is. For the normal hiker it normally takes about 4 hours to reach there. But it really worth hiking there. Ask your driver to stop at the Dallu’s petrol pump. Check out your belongings and start walking up into the pine forest.
Monkey Temple,Pashupatinath and Boudhanath Stupa Tour.


MonkeyTemple, Pashupatinath and Boudhanath Tour.
Monkey Temple, Pashupatinath and Boudhanath Tour.

Monkey temple,Pashupatinath and Boudhanath Stupa tour is one of the best tours offer by Kathmandu Tour Guide.The three places I always visit with my guests that most stand out to me are Swayambhunath temple, Pashupatinath temple and Boudhanath Stupa. Swambhunath a self-made religious holly atop west of Kathmandu is a very famous monkey temple with a lot of Buddhist symbols to look at. Monkey temple, being on the top of the Kathmandu valley offers amazing total view of Kathmandu valley with some of stunning mountains on the clear weather day. Similarly, we will then drive another 12 kilometers to observe open cremation of the dead bodies on the bank of holly river Bagmati just right down to the holiest Hindu shrine of the lord Pashupatinath; the Godhead of Hinduism. When your tour of Pashupatinath is done, we then take to mini Tibetan town to experience Tibetan culture and way of life in Boudhnath Temple. Ask your guide to take one of the best roof top restaurants for wonderful pictures ,with a glass of chilled beer, of the biggest Buddhist shrine of the world. Take your short time to experience great healing vibration of seven metal had made healing bowl at the right place. It is also possible only renting car in Nepal for spending as long time as you want.

Best Places to See in Nepal
Best Places to See in Nepal

When I was in Everest Base camp Trekking in 2006 for the first time in my life. I saw people doing Everest View Helicopter Tour and I realized since then that this kind of tours are for those people who are rich and different than others.It is one of the best places to see in Nepal But I was wrong. I was wrong because even to do Everest Base Camp Trekking it takes 14 days if you fly in and out kathmandu -Lukla -kathmandu. To do this trip of Everest Base Camp Lodge Trek 14 days you need to spend at least USD 1500.00 and if one adds just couple hundred dollars on top of it he/she can do with Helicopter. By doing so, one can save their time and by spending some more hundred dollars he/she can do

Another wonderful place in Nepal is Chitwan. It is the largest national park in Nepal. Elephant ride in chitwan national park as shown in the picture below is one of the best on going activities included morally in 2 nights 3 days chitwan tour package  

Chitwan national park
Chitwan national park

Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan Tour which is one of Nepal’s best and classical tours offering the amazing sights of UNESCO heritage, dense forest with jungle activities including elephant ride and awesome Himalayan views of Annapurna Trekking region. How much you think is chitwan national park safari cost ? Though the place is so grand but the price is actually always so reasonable here. kathmandu pokhara chitwan tour  itinery  offers wonderful activities in Nepal and chitwan tour package price for Nepali is normally cheaper. Chitwan national park has a lot of activities that is why it is known as one of the best tours in Nepal. On top of it has other wonderful tours in kathmandu  and pokhara. So this is a classic Nepal tour. Lets join our Nepal tour with us.

Helicopter ride to mount Everest Base Camp is very suitable for family, elderly people and also to the disabled one since the trip is done with helicopter. We have done couple of trips with physically unfit and disabled people and we got amazing feedback from them and they shared their feelings by saying that they can be inspirations for others who are not physically fit. And they also said that then Everest View is a trip for all. One of our families who took Everest View Helicopter Tour also done one of the short and easy treks from pokhara which has awesome views of Annapurna Himalayas. This trek is called dhampus australian camp family trek

Himalayan Trekking routes are best known trips organized by Nepal tours  including GHT(Himalayan Trekking Trails) . Among those best places of Nepal, Chagunarayan Temple; the oldest temple in Nepal found in 4th century A.D. and dedicated to the Narayan form of Lord Bishnu .From here I felt blessed to hike up to telkot whick took about 2 hours. Trail gently goes up and reach to Telkot through Tamang villages. It is a awesome walk and driving from Telkot to Nagarkot is about 45 minutes to reach Nagarkot. This is fantastic day tour package.  Kathmandu Nagarkot Tour is it’s name I did in may 2016 with my friends from Germany living in Australia.

Kathmandu valley itself is a wonderful place where you can see amazing places around from spiritual points to medieval architecture and history. from the tours like  Kathmandu  sightseeing tours , Kathmandu day tour, Kathmandu heritage tour  and if you want to experience Nepalese culture, history and architecture in depth then you can also book a trip like Nepal culture tour and Nepal family holiday 

Manaslu is off the beaten trail trek in Nepal and newly opened wonderful trekking destination in Nepal. It offers incredible Himalayan views with wonderful Tibetan culture, way of life. Think about taking manaslu circuit trek

Lantang is another ideal place for trekking to view norther Himalayan ranges of Nepal. There are plenty of trekking routes and all of them are really good as well. But the best is langtang valley trek.  This trek is very popular and easy to do. You just need to take a 4WD jeep and drive that for 7-8 hours to get started your trek and same hours back to Kathmandu when you done your trek.  While you are trekking in langtang you will observe plenty of local cultures, mountainous  life styles , awesome natural beauty and hospitable people of course. whole Langtang region is actually known as northern trek in Nepal.So, enjoy it to the fullest. Another tour based on two major cities of Nepal : Kathmandu and Pokhara is the best Nepal tour. Kathmandu Pokhara tour is a wonderful package that gives you heritage tours in Nepal, cave tours, mountain views and many more.  Pokhara has a lot of option to do some short and easy treks. Ghorepani Poon Hill trek is easy trek in Nepal and very famous short trek from pokhara also known as poon hill trek. This trek does not require to be physically fit so this is the best trek for all. Apart from all these there is a classic trek in Nepal which is little bit tough to do is upper mustang trek. Our mustang trek itinerary are very special and mustang trek cost is low but quality is very high. Best way of visiting the best places of Nepal is to hire a car from Kathmandu vehicle service to reach wherever you want.

Checkout following activities we did in Awesome  Chitwan Experience with Himalayan Adventure Sports. We woke up quite early in the morning for wonderful bird watching program organized by us for an hour. Our guide did a wonderful briefing about different species of birds in the Chitwan National Park. Most importantly we had a wonderful jeep rented in Kathmandu with Kathmandu vehicle service. We found their service was great. When you are planning similar kind of trip to Nepal, we recommend you Kathmandu vehicles hire.

Awesome Chitwan Experience with Himalayan Adventure Sports
Awesome Chitwan Experience with Himalayan Adventure Sports

After awesome bird watching program in the lush jungle of the Park then we got a go  for following. We grabbed incredible chance of doing totally fantastic and traditional kind of trip called canoe ride on a river. There we could watch number of water rhinoceros, vegetarian and non-vegetarian crocodiles. Not only that much but also different other birds including other different pond and water habitats.

Canoeing in Chitwan National Park.

Awesome Chitwan Experience with Himalayan Adventure Sports
Awesome Chitwan Experience with Himalayan Adventure Sports

Right at the beginning of our jungle trip in Chitwan National Park our naturalist made us aware for these. He  with us for whole trip  and there actually he explained us how to tackle with dangerous wildlife including tigers.Unfortunately we were not that lucky to encounter with elusive Bengal tigers in the lush jungle of Royal Chitwan. But yes we saw awesome rhinoceros while on safari booked via Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan Tour

Pride of Chitwan National Park - One horn Rhinos
Pride of Chitwan National Park – One horn Rhinos

Their tour arrangements were in fact so great and professional. Guide took very good care of us all from one program to the next offering great fun and jokes. Then we went down to the river climbed up on the back of Elephant. It was great fun that she started showering on us known as elephant bathing.

Finally, Awesome Chitwan Experience with Himalayan Adventure Sports was full of fun.

How wonderful it is when you are just ready for an icy cold beer on a hot summer days. Chitwan National Park is a great place for all kind of people. Cold beers are still in our mind especially after some safari activities we took that we mentioned above. The best itinerary ever found for Nepal tour is Kathmandu pokhara chitwan itinerary.Another famous trip in Nepal is pokhara chitwan tour package.This package includes jungle safari tour in chitwan national park

write us in to book this trip. Creative ways to save huge in the next Nepal vacation trekking trip is langtang valley trek. Northern trek in Nepal is equally famous like Annapurna trekking region and Everest trekking area as well and trekking in langtang is a great way of appreciating nature.