Best Private Tour Guide in Nepal

Best Private Tour Guide in Nepal

Best Private Tour Guide in Nepal – Explore the hidden beauty and abandoned architecture of Nepal.

Without a doubt, Nepal is certainly one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Why it is so? Answer is very simple not just because there are more than 8 highest mountains out of 14  but also because Nepal has a lot of other prominent touristic stuffs to explore. Let me tell some of them. Nepal is the actual center of Hinduism and Buddhism. In Kathmandu valley there is the most sacred Hindu center which is mystical abode for all the Hindus in the world. It is called Pashupatinath Temple. Historically more than 2000 years old but its different legends say it is so primitive, so old that has no actual date. Different explanations are needed to talk in depth. To know more about it you need to catch up one of the best private tour guides in Nepal. We can recommend Deepak as the best private tour guide in Nepal.

Similarly, Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha and only official Buddhist center of the world, situated near by Sunauli border, 260 kilo meters away from Kathmand, takes roughly about 7h30m to 8 hours by bus to reach there. Easiest and shortest way to go there is to take a 30 minutes flight with the cost of USD 110 to Bhairawa and take a car for another 30 minutes to reach Lumbini. It is the best place for meditation in Nepal and of course heaven for those who want to know more about Biddhism.
These two places mentioned above are just for examples. There are other many authentic and beautiful meditations places, even in and around Kathmandu valley too. There are places which can bring a lot of changes your life only by visiting them. We have amazing people who are really good at healing and to cure lifelong diseases which have not been cured by medical doctors. You can be so much relaxed even with amazing explanations done by professional guides about spiritual journey. But the moment you start taking it into your life it will bring a lot of changes in your life. For those who are not interested at all with this kind of stuff but still want to know about Nepal by taking some kind of tours then  you can take best Nepal tour and later you can think about for the more as well.

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Kathmandu Durbar Square and Inner City tour with the best cultural guide in Nepal.

Dominant medieval Architecture of Kathmandu Durbar square
Dominant medieval Architecture of Kathmandu Durbar square

It is a day private tour in kathmandu. This tour  gives you wonderful chance to take a look at amazingly hidden part of the valley. It is always good idea to know little bit about the areas which are non touristic, more beautiful and artistically rich. Our knowledeable guides will begin the tour with you from Thamel. When you start walking in, you will be amazed by the local markets. It is not well set up and you can see everything every where. This is the uniqueness of this tour. Kathmandu Durbar Square and inner city tour with the  best private tour guide in Nepal takes you to the area to explore abandoned architecture of the city. 

Indrachok - the oldest bazaar of Kathmandu
Indrachok – the oldest bazaar of Kathmandu

Asan-Indrachok is the oldest bazaar of Kathmandu where you can see fresh vegetables, fashion wares, kitchen ware and the stuffs needed for different rituals according to Nepalese culture. Another interesting part of your private tour is about living goddess. All three cities of valley have their own Kumari- the living goddess but in Kathmandu Durbar square she gives audience to the visitors. whether you are in Nepal for your official visit, business meeting or trekking. Just contact your guide directly in the address above and fix the deal to take wonderful lifetime experience of tours in Nepal of such beautiful places. It is a 4 hours tour but it can always be customized according to your time frame. we can start this tour any time as you like. If you are in Thamel then we can walk right from your hotel. If you are living elsewhere we arrange everything then we drive up there and start walking in from there. Take your camera with you to put together beautiful pictures of amazing places like Asan, Idrachok, Newroad, Kathmandu Durbar square and more. There are  some places which are so wonderful in Nepal. Pokhara is one of that kind. There are many  options for short trek from pokhara all these short treks are easy trek in Nepal. Poon hill trek is good example for that.

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